Adult Payment Processing

Adult Payment Processing

Adult Payment Processing

Adult payment processing with PCI-DSS compliance is a secure, convenient way to process credit card transactions for your adult retail business. Credit card transaction security is a major concern for all merchants. You want to provide quality service to your customers and keep them satisfied. You also want to protect yourself from potential credit card fraud and keep your business out of the debt cycle. Using a payment processor with PCI compliance and advanced fraud protection capabilities will enable you to do both. PCI-DSS compliant adult payment processing gateway maintains your company’s and clients security. Military grade data encryption safeguards sensitive financial data. Chargeback defense services help you prevent chargebacks before they happen. Chargeback mitigation services also help you win disputes with fraudulent credit cards that may have originated in your company. You can be sure that your sensitive data is always protected, especially from hackers.

reducing risk with adult payment processing

There are a few ways to reduce the risk of chargebacks and fraudulent transactions, adult payment processing with a high risk merchant account is one way to go. High risk merchant accounts are subject to very high fraud risks, like unauthorized access, fraud, and copycat offers. These types of accounts are also known as “advance” accounts. You need to take steps to be sure you’re not on one of these lists. If you’re not on the list, don’t worry, just because you’re an adult business doesn’t mean you have to stay in the dark about this type of payment service. Most adult merchants prefer to work with a single acquiring bank that will act as their merchant bank. This will ensure their transactions go through and that they don’t fall into the black hole of unsecured credit card transactions. While you should do your research and consider the advantages and disadvantages of adult merchant accounts, you shouldn’t let it stop you from getting the service you need. Choosing a single acquiring bank that’s located within your country and which has a good reputation is a great first step.

Protecting your adult payment gateway / adult payment processor

To help protect yourself against unauthorized use of your credit card processing and to keep your customers protected, you need to add fraud prevention and detection software to your single acquiring bank account. These services will alert you to any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions, usually by text message. They will also catch any unusual activity on your credit card statements. In addition, you should take steps to limit the number of credit cards you’re allowing to be used in your adult entertainment industry. You don’t want to entrust to just anyone with payments that can be fraudulent or out of your control. Keep in mind that adult payment processing is not the only type of payment service available to your customers. Even if your adult entertainment industry doesn’t include online sales, you may still want to consider adding a payment gateway to make things easier for your customers. A payment gateway will allow customers to make payments through your adult merchant account without ever leaving their computers. The process is simple: your adult merchant account receives payments from your customers and deposits them into your account in real time. If your’e looking for an adult payment processor look no further sign up today!

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