Credit Card Machine

Credit Card Machine

Credit Card Machine

A credit card machine, also called a Point of Sale machine, credit card machine, debit card machine, EFTOS machine, or ATM machine, is a small device that interfaces with credit cards to make accept electronic payments. The name credit card machine comes from the credit card itself, which is a type of plastic card. These devices are usually used for retail businesses to process sales and payments at the point of sale counters in stores. Some business applications include POS software that operates the machines along with a network of computers. Today, small businesses have the choice of purchasing commercial credit card machines, which are available at varying prices. However, there are also third party options that are available for merchants who do not want to purchase from the manufacturer or retailer. When purchasing, it is important for the merchant to decide how many card readers are needed and how the terminals will be installed. For those merchants who want to use their own hardware, there are many varieties of used and refurbished merchant credit card machines that can be purchased at low prices.

types of credit card machines

One of the most common types of small business credit card machines is the e-matic, which is also commonly called an EPOS. An e-matic is a wireless system that connects to a company’s computer network via wireless LAN or Internet. A terminal connects to a computer and accepts and processes card payments by using software. This type of card processing is easy to set up and can be connected to many computers. Wireless credit card machines, on the other hand, are used for point of sale processing only. A wireless terminal connects to the company’s computer network via radio frequency. The terminal connects to a variety of wireless cards that are used to process payments. These card readers are compatible with a wide range of handheld and laptop computers.

Another type of credit card machine is the swiping machine, which accepts both credit cards and debit cards. It usually operates on a touch pad. This type of business needs a separate keypad for processing debit cards. Swiping equipment is best used in an area where a person may not be able to access a cash drawer on a regular basis. Some business owners also choose to use a swiping device to process credit cards, but it has been found that this is not cost effective if the machine is intended to be used for client interaction. Mobile credit card processing solutions are also available for merchants who have access to cell phone signals. These devices are similar to swiping machines but are carried by the customer instead of being attached to a computer. Mobile terminals are convenient to carry because they do not require power and can simply be plugged into a cigarette lighter. They are also a convenient choice for merchants operating out of homes, offices or stores because they can be used at any time of the day or night. Merchant should determine the specific needs of their business to determine what mobile processing solutions will be best for them. Also checkout a Virtual Terminal Merchant Account if you wish to be mobile.

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