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Debt Collection

If you have applied for credit card processing for a debt collection agency also known as a debt collection merchant account.

Credit Repair

Looking for a merchant account with credit repair services involved? Credit repair is a service that is highly recommended for repairing your credit.


Timeshare merchant accounts give businesses the ability to accept payments from consumers on services and products purchased within their resorts.

Large Digital Goods

What is large digital goods merchant ? It's a company account used to accept payments from merchants who sell digital products in large volumes over the internet.


There are a lot of gun friendly credit card processing out there that provide very competitive pricing to small business owners.


If you run a dispensary, you may be wondering how credit card processing for your customers works. There are several options available.


If you're planning a fundraising dinner or selling items at a bazaar, credit card processing for churches can help you take care of the payment process with ease.

Bad Credit

When you are looking for a merchant accounts for bad credit, it's important to understand your options.

Continuity Subscription

If you're considering a continuity subscription merchant account, there are several things to consider.


A retail merchant account is simply an account between you, a retailer, and a specific credit card processor that allows you to take credit cards in your store and have those funds deposited directly into your own bank account.

High Volume

A high volume merchant account enables the growth of your online business to be unlimited. With dollar volume being the most common metric in the industry, you can process an extremely high volume of monthly transactions with little or no upfront capital investment.


Nutraceutical Merchant account are for merchants that are supplying nutraceuticals, health products and dietary supplements to retailers and health food stores.


The Utility Payment Processing industry is a fast growing sector with more companies being established each year.


There is no denying that mobile merchant accounts are becoming increasingly popular throughout the business world today.


Adult payment processing with PCI-DSS compliance is a secure, convenient way to process credit card transactions for your adult retail business.


When it comes to using credit cards for sales and payments in various countries around the world, one of the most popular types of payment is with local currency.


International merchant accounts offer many benefits to international merchants, both small and large.


A travel merchant account can make all the difference in your travel business.